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If you believe you can provide significant value to your clients, and you like to work with people who can show your value to your clients online, then we are your agency.

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With the right management and experience you can rapidly grow your business to huge successes. We have optimised campaigns that reduced cost by over 40% and increased revenue. How’s that for increasing your ROI?

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Scientific Precision

Being good at Adwords is a combination of scientific analytical precision, feeling for how consumers behave in search engines, and making a bridge between Google and your site.

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Visibility & Fairness

We want to get results for you and work in a transparent way. No dodgy techniques, no skeletons in the closet. You always have access to your account. You will understand what we are doing and that will gain trust.

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Visible commitment & Enthousiasm

We don’t do our work because we have to, we do it because we love it! This makes.

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How we can help YOU

Thousands of keywords, hundreds of ad texts, a big number of impressions your ads have (a number we can barely pronounce)… We love the Pay per Click Adwords game. As a good base for the keyword research for the SEO package, but also as a stand-alone profitable campaign, we are ready to fire up campaigns for you.

Starting with Google Adwords is easy. However, getting it profitable, increasing revenue and decreasing costs isn’t. With over six years of PPC experience, working with clients who are spending just a few hundred dollars a month, to clients spending over $50,000 a DAY, we have been working on creating and managing profitable Adwords campaigns for years. Let our experience work in your favour.

You pay for every visitor on your website. We want to make sure that for every cent you spend, we are working towards your goals. With full transparency and honesty. We can’t imagine that you wouldn’t have access to your own account. You can login during working hours or the middle of the night, whenever you want to see how well your campaigns are running.

Together we will determine the goals of your online marketing PPC campaigns. When everything is clear we will build a beautiful campaign or we’ll improve and fine-tune your current campaigns.

We have seen Google set up campaigns with a budget between 100 and 90,000 dollar a month. Google did add a lot of relevant keywords. With the emphasize on A LOT. Many of these campaigns spend over 40% of the budget they should actually spend, getting a ROI that could be a lot better and having that 40% of the budget spend on keywords that are far more profitable.

You are not advertising with Google yet? No problem! We can set up your new account and even give you $75 of click budget for free to start with. In the first month we will have the set-up phase. We thoroughly research your market space, find out what’s going on in the minds of your customers, and based on that information we’ll create structured and relevant groups, keywords, ad copy and determine the bids.

We make sure tracking is properly installed and we do a baseline measurement. This way you can see the improvements month on month and year on year.

After the analytical phase we continuously work on improving your campaign. As the market keeps changing and your business grows, the campaign is growing with you. We keep on testing new ad copy, new keywords, add negative keywords, test landing pages and more.

Google is changing the options for advertising almost on a weekly basis. For a business owner or an online marketer that is not dedicated to PPC management, this can be challenging. At Visible we are dedicated to working with Google Adwords on a daily basis. Making sure that we unraffle all the secrets Google has.

Determining your goals is nice, but you want to make sure you’re actually heading to meet your goals! We monitor the results and report back to you. You will always know where you are standing right here, right now. Based on the results we improve and make sure you get the optimal results.

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